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25 Dec 2017

Sharjah Oasis Real Estate Co., a Sharjah-based developer of the Dh25 billion Sharjah Waterfront City – the largest mixed-use master-planned waterfront community in the Northern Emirates, announced the launch of construction activities of its Phase I worth Dh3 billion.
The landmark announcement comes as Sharjah Oasis Real Estate Co., hands over two power transmission and distribution plants, built with a cost of Dh250 million and with its own resources to ensure uninterrupted supply of up to 700 megawatt (MW) electricity – enough to power the entire urban waterfront community where more than 60,000 people are expected to live, work and enjoy life when complete.
H.E. Sheikh Abdullah Al Shakrah, Chairman of Sharjah Oasis Real Estate Co. LLC, formally handed over the power transmission and distribution plants to Dr Rashid Alleem, Chairman of Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority (SEWA) during a press conference held at the Sharjah Waterfront City head office.
This is one of the first such developments where the private developer has built its own such large power distribution and transmission plant and handed over the assets to the state-owned public utility, SEWA.
This marks the completion of one of the most important infrastructure milestones – to ensure adequate and uninterrupted power supply to the city’s residents and businesses.
“I am pleased to announce the completion of Dh3 billion worth of infrastructure works within Sharjah Waterfront City, including removal of 12 million cubic metres of sand to dig 3.5 metres deep canals with width spanning 100-300 metres and create eight islands within the landscape that helped us to create 20 kilometres of new coastline and beachfront properties,” HE Sheikh Abdullah Al-Shakrah, Chairman of Sharjah Oasis Real Estate Co, developer of Sharjah Waterfront City, said at a packed press conference.
“As part of the infrastructure projects, we have moved and installed 5 million tonnes of rocks to create breakwater and marina quays and the protection of water channels, in addition to the construction of bridges, roads and power transmission and distribution plants, which cost Dh250 million.”
Describing Sharjah Waterfront City – Ajmal Makan that in Arabic means the ‘most beautiful destination on earth’ – Abdullah Al-Shakrah, compared the project as a precious pearl within a huge shell.
“It is a city within a city and features integrated facilities where people can live, work and relax shop, dine and enjoy the best lifestyle. Sharjah Waterfront City stretches over 60 million square feet of the Gulf's pristine coastline, making it an ideal destination for residents and tourists,” he told the media.It consists of eight well-designed islands to create a vibrant community of 60,000 people living in 1,500 luxury villas and smart homes, 95 mixed-use towers, and a number of hotels, shopping centres, stylish office complexes, In addition to a marina with a capacity of 800 berths.
Sharjah Waterfront City is an attractive destination for permanent living and recreation. It is a clean, pollution-free city with world-class facilities, charming beaches, shopping and entertainment in every neighbourhood, and its moderate weather throughout the year.
A series of eight islands, flowing between the natural channels spread over 36 kilometres of coastal land on the north-east coast of Sharjah, where clean and pure blue seawater is renewed in its channels every 12 hours, in line with the high and low natural tide coming from the Arabian Gulf, where the city is designed to the highest standards and specifications in cooperation with the world's largest specialised companies.
Under the direction and support of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qassimi, Member of the UAE Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah, SEWA was authorised to supply the project with electricity.
Power Infrastructure
Under the able guidance of SEWA Chairman Dr Rashid Alleem, Sharjah Waterfront City carried out a number of utility activities to develop two power transmission and distribution centres and the scope of works include,
• Design, engineering, procurement, installation and testing of Star-1 and Star-2 132/33 / 11kv distribution plants
• Modification of the 132kv substation located at Al Hamriyah Power Station and Hamriyah Free Zone, Main Gate A
• Design, engineering, procurement and installation of the kv132 for Star and Star 2 projects, which are 57.6 kilometres long, as well as civil works for the substation and electrical work of the two stations.
Sheikh Abdullah added: “As a private developer, Sharjah Oasis Real Estate Company, is proud to deliver (2) 132/33/11kv stations for the transmission and distribution of electricity to SEWA with a cost of Dh250 million and a capacity to supply up to 700 MW of electricity. This is sufficient to meet the demand of the 60,000 population of Sharjah Waterfront City.
Sheikh Abdullah Al-Shakrah then handed over the Sharjah Waterfront Water power project to Dr Rashid Alleem, Chairman of SEWA, at the press conference.
The plant will be managed by the SEWA, which will supply electricity to Sharjah Waterfront City through these units.
Sheikh Abdullah added that the strategy of the Sharjah Oasis Real Estate Company is to provide sustainable development projects for the emirate of Sharjah, after conducting a comprehensive study of the market and identifying the needs of all segments of society, taking into account the economic, commercial and tourism dimension of these projects.
About Sharjah Waterfront City
Sharjah Waterfront City (SWFC) is the largest mixed-use master-planned waterfront community in Sharjah – the third largest state within the UAE federation. The project, being developed by Sharjah Oasis Real Estate Co. LLC, is part of the economic vision of the Government of Sharjah to develop the emirate’s tourism attractions to attract a large number of international tourists who value sun, sand, culture and family tourism.

With an estimated development value of Dh25 billion (US$6.8 billion), the project will see the development of more than 95 high-rise towers, 1,500 villas and townhouses, 14 hotels and serviced apartments, two large shopping malls, a water theme park, a marina with a capacity of 800 berths – all within eight carefully designed islands – with 36 kilometres of waterfront beaches.
Once completed, the project covering an area exceeding 60 million square feet, will host more than 60,000 residents, many of whom will live, work and shop within the integrated, sustainable and green community.